Switching Orders

Switching orders that have not been assigned to incidents are stored in the Switching Order Library. Right-click a switching order in the tree to access these tools.

  • Select: This tool is available only when you are using the Insert Switching Order tool. Right-click the switching order or template in the Switching Order Library and choose Select. The operations in the selected switching order or template are appended to the currently open switching order.

  • Open: This opens the selected switching order in the Switching Order Editor. Once opened, you can edit the switching order. If you're opening a switching order template, see Templates.

  • Delete: Right-click any switching order or template and select Delete to delete it from the library. You are then prompted to confirm that you want to delete the selected switching order or template.

  • View on Map: This tool is enabled only if you have ArcMap open. Select View on Map to view the switch order devices and outage area in ArcMap. The device(s) are highlighted on the map with a callout. When you close the Switching Order Library, the callout on the map is removed.

  • Copy/Cut/Paste: Use these tools to move switching orders and templates between folders.

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