Modify Calculation for Outage Cost

The Outage Cost on the dashboard displays the calculated cost of an outage by estimating the average amount of consumption (in kWh) and multiplying that by the length of the outage and the cost per kWh. You can modify the estimates used in this calculation (estimated consumption) and the cost per kWh by modifying a few tags in the Web.config XML.

  1. Open the Web.config file. This file is installed here: C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\Responder.
  2. Look for the following XML:
    <add key="service.outageMonetaryStatus.costPerkWh" value="0.10" />
    <add key="service.outageMonetaryStatus.defaultkWhPerHourConsumption" value="5" />
    <add key="service.outageMonetaryStatus.accountTypekWhPerHourConsumptions" value="0:30 1:1.22 2:4170 3:8 4:0.94 5:500" />
  3. The three lines of XML displayed above determine how the Outage Cost value is calculated.
    • costPerkWh: This is the cost per kWh. The default value is $0.10.

    • defaultkWhPerHourConsumption: This is the default per hour consumption. The default is set to 5 kWh.

    • accountTypekWhPerHourConsumption: This is the consumption per hour based on a particular customer account type. This uses the Account_Type domain (see the Modify Domain Values page for a description of this domain).

      In the XML value field for the accountTypekWhPerHourConsumption attribute, the first number corresponds to a value in the Account_Type domain. The number after the colon indicates the consumption per hour for that account type. So in the example, 0:30 means that Account Type 0 (Hospital) consumes 30 kWh per hour. The values are separated by a space. 1:1.22 indicates that an account with type 1 (Residential) uses 1.22 kWh/hr.

    Responder uses the above values to calculate the cost of an outage. It takes the length of the outage (e.g., 5 hours) and multiplies it by the per hour consumption for each account type (e.g., 5 * 30 = 150, assuming only the hospital is experiencing the outage). Once determining the amount of lost consumption in kWh, it multiplies that number by that cost per kWh (e.g., $0.10) to get the final outage cost (e.g., $15).

  4. Modify the above values to change how the Outage Cost is calculated.
  5. Save and close Web.config.
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