Tag Validation

When a user removes a tag, Responder requires that the tag ID entered match the tag ID entered when the tag was placed. Responder does NOT require that the Owner Name field (or Executed By field if the tag is added via a switch order) contain the same name as the Owner Name field when the tag was placed. You can set up tag validation to ensure that the Owner Name or Executed By fields always match when the tag is placed and when it's removed. Simply uncomment a couple lines of XML in the SubmitRulesConfig.xml file.

Tags can be placed using the Create Tag tool in ArcMap and removed on the Tags tab in Responder. Tags can also be placed using a switch order. Setting up tag validation for these two methods of tag placement/removal require two submit rules. Follow the steps below to set up tag validation for one or both of these methods. Validation on the Owner Name and Executed By are never case sensitive.

Note that regardless of how tag validation is set up, the user will always have to enter the correct tag ID.

  1. Open SubmitRulesConfig.xml. By default, this file is installed here: C:\Program Files (x86)\Miner and Miner\Responder\Server.
  2. Look for the following XML.
    <!--<b:RuleClass Key="" Type="Miner.Responder.Processors.SubmitRules.Pre.SwitchingRules.VerifyTagsRemoveSwitchingOperation, Miner.Responder.Processors" />-->
    <!--<b:RuleClass Key="" Type="Miner.Responder.Processors.SubmitRules.Pre.VerifyTagsRemoveAuthorization, Miner.Responder.Processors" />-->
  3. Remove the comment tags from one or both lines of XML (<!-- and -->).
    • VerifyTagsRemoveSwitchingOperation: Uncomment out this line of XML to require the user to enter the correct name in the Executed By field while removing a tag using a switch order. The Executed By field will NOT be case sensitive.

    • VerifyTagsRemoveAuthorization: Uncomment out this line of XML to require the user to enter the correct name in the Owner Name field when removing a tag using the Tags tab in Responder Explorer. The Owner Name field will NOT case sensitive.

  4. Save and close SubmitRulesConfig.xml.
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