ArcFM Autoupdater Browser

The ArcFM Autoupdater Browser allows you to easily see which autoupdaters are assigned to a particular feature or table, and to search a dataset for where a particular autoupdater is assigned. You cannot use this tool to edit autoupdater assignments. To assign autoupdaters, use the ArcFM Properties Manager.

Classes and Tables

Select a class or table in ArcCatalog and click the Autoupdaters tab to display all of its class and field autoupdater assignments. You can also use the Subtype drop-down menu to filter by subtype.


If you have a dataset selected, you can use the Autoupdaters tab to search for the features and tables to which a certain autoupdater is assigned to a particular event. Simply select an event, select an autoupdater, and click Search.

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