Active Annotation Target

This field allows you to determine where placed Graphic Favorites (those graphics selected from the Table of Contents Graphics List) will be stored. This tool allows you to store these placed graphics as part of an annotation feature class layer or with an active session. While the Active Annotation Target tool appears on the Session Manager toolbar by default, it may be used with designs as well as sessions.

The following is an example of the Active Annotation Target pulldown menu on ArcFM Session Manager Toolbar:

If you select an Annotation layer from the list (e.g., ElectricNotes), any graphics placed on the map are stored as part of that annotation layer. Because they are part of an annotation feature class layer, these graphics may be posted to the geodatabase and maintained long after the session is gone. The Active Annotation Target field is populated with ArcFM Annotation feature classes using model names. Refer to Configuring ArcFM Solution (Graphic Annotation section) for information about how to properly configure these feature classes for use with this tool.

If you select Mobile Graphics from the Active Annotation Target list, any graphics placed on the map are stored as graphics with the current session or design. These graphics may be sent between the field and enterprise. However, once the session or design is closed, the graphics go with it. They are NOT maintained as part of the data once the session or design is gone.

Both types of graphics may be selected on the map using the Select Elements tool. They may be deleted by selecting them, and then pressing Delete on the keyboard.

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