Add Close/Open Operations

Available in ArcMap.

Two tools on the Responder toolbar in ArcMap allow you to quickly add an open or close operation to your currently open switching order. You may need to add the Add Close Step to Switch Order and Add Open Step to Switch Order commands to a toolbar. They do not appear on the Responder toolbar by default. Both of these tools reside in the Responder Commands category in the Customize menu.

  1. Ensure you have a switching order open. If you use either of these tools with no switching order open, nothing happens.
  2. In ArcMap, depending on the type of operation that you want to add, select either Add Close Step to Switch Order  or Add Open Step to Switch Order .
    Both of the tools change the cursor to a circle with a blue dot that snaps to devices.
  3. Click a device on the map.
    An operation is automatically added to your open switching order and the selected device is assigned to it.
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