Add Devices to a Request

If you want to add specific devices to a Switching Order Request, you need to view a map document. By default, this map document is not visible. This map document must be set up in order to be viewed in the Switch Order Requests tab and the appropriate Model Names need to be assigned to the appropriate domain.

IMPORTANT: If you do not have ArcGIS/ArcFM Server installed, the Switch Order Request tool will not have the available page to view a map and select devices. The configuration described below will not work without ArcGIS/ArcFM Server and an active map service.

You can use the same map service as the Map Viewer tab or create a new one specifically for the Switch Order Requests section. Once you've decided which map service to use, follow the steps below to configure the Switch Order Requests section.

IMPORTANT: For each map service, ensure that the ArcFMMapServer capability option is selected in ArcGIS Server Manager.
  1. Open the web.config file. Web.config is installed in: C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\Responder\Web.config.
  2. In Web.config, look for the <> tag. Scroll down to this set of tags:
          <!--configuration section that handles layers-->
            Valid layer types are:
          <Layers Extent="2643073,251916,2644720,253183">
            <!--Mapservices that display in the map control-->
            <Layer MapServiceName="Electric" Url="http://WebServerName/ArcGIS/rest/services/MapServiceName/MapServer" Visible="True" Type="ArcGISDynamicMapServiceLayer" />
  3. Set the Layers Extent to coordinate to default full extent of your map service. The numbers correspond to: MINIMUMXCOORDINATE (Left), MINIMUMYCOORDINATE (Bottom), MAXIMUMXCOORDINATE (Right), MAXIMUMYCOORDINATE (Top).
  4. For the Layer MapServiceName tag, set a value for MapServiceName (such as Electric, Gas, or Water) and the URL for the location of the Map Service Layer.
    IMPORTANT: Replace WebServerName with the name of the hosting ArcFM Server machine with the port number appended (e.g. WebServerName:PortNumber) and replace MapServiceName in the Url with the name of the ArcFM Server map service.
  5. Save and close Web.config.
  6. Restart your ArcGIS and ArcFM server map services after completing this configuration.
  7. Ensure your ArcGIS and ArcFM Server services are running.
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