Add Work Location Automatically

You may add Work Locations (WL) individually or you may decide to automatically place WLs concurrently as you place certain CUs or features. CUs are not automatically assigned to the WL, so you will need to assign them.

  1. In ArcCatalog, right-click the feature with which a WL will be automatically placed.
  2. Select ArcFM Properties Manager.
  3. Select the Object Info tab.
  4. Choose a subtype. The default is <ALL> and will apply the change to all subtypes for that feature.
  5. In the On Feature Create field, select ArcFM Place Work Location from the pulldown menu. If an autoupdater is already assigned to this field, select <multiple...> and add the Place Work Location autoupdater to the Autoupdaters Selected window. Remember, the autoupdaters in this list fire in the order in which they appear.
  6. Click OK.
    TIP: The ArcFM Place Work Location autoupdater uses the snapping tolerance set in the Snapping Options in ArcMap. On the Editor toolbar, select Editor > Snapping > Options and set the snapping tolerance. This snapping tolerance value influences the distance used to offset the WL from the feature.
    NOTE: When creating template favorites, you should not add CUs after Work Location features. Instead assign the Work Location autoupdater to the favorite.

    If a design is open, a Work Location will be automatically created along with the CU. If no design is open, the WL will not be automatically created.

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