ArcFM Solution Object Converter

The ArcFM Solution Object Converter allows you to convert objects, feature classes, feature datasets, or geodatabases to use ArcFM (or Designer) custom geo-objects or revert to Esri objects. The Object Converter button is enabled when one or more objects are selected.

When running the Object Converter, the user connecting to the database in ArcCatalog must choose a version that he or she has edit privileges on. This is necessary because these tools start an edit session before they make changes to the database. That way, users can cancel the edit session at any time to roll back their changes to the database. Although it's not required, we recommend that the user log in as the owner of the data. This is because when the user converts to Designer objects, the tool creates a new dataset and feature classes and adds Designer-specific fields to existing features.

When converting to Designer objects, the option to cancel the conversion does not roll back changes already made to tables; tables must be manually updated to restore their original state.

When converting to Designer objects, several Designer-specific fields are added to each feature and object class. You may want to omit certain classes (e.g., MMSystemTables) from this type of conversion. The NONDESIGNEROBJECT model name allows you to do this. Assign the NONDESIGNEROBJECT model name to any feature or object class that you want to omit when converting to Designer objects using the ArcFM Solution Object Converter.

  • If a feature class has a custom extension, it cannot be converted. The custom class extension must be removed before the feature can be converted. Lasso and Map Inset feature classes are also omitted from conversion.

  • If you name a feature with a Microsoft SQL reserved keyword, the conversion will fail and ArcFM will write an error to the event log.

Extended Data: All Designer Extended Data tables must be Esri objects. Do not convert these to ArcFM objects.

Work Functions: When you convert to Designer objects, all Work Function field values are automatically set to NULL. You can use the Mass Attribute Update tool to set this value to 0 if your GIS doesn't support NULL values.

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