Assemble the Patch Location Favorite

At this point, you have all the pieces to assemble the Patch Location. As a friendly reminder, this Patch Location comprises one Rack with three of the Panel favorites you created previously.

IMPORTANT: Up to this point, the favorites have been entirely object classes (tables). But, the Patch Location is a feature which has a physical location on the map. In other words, this is the actual feature users sketch on the map.
  1. If necessary, prepare your workspace to create a new Patch Location favorite:
    1. In ArcMap, apply a Stored Display that includes your fiber features.
    2. Start Editing.
    3. In the Table of Contents, click the Features pane.
    4. Navigate to the folder that will contain your fiber favorites, or if you do not have a favorite folder yet, right-click a desired location and choose Create Favorite Category.
  2. In the Table of Contents > Features pane, right-click the favorite folder and choose Create Favorite.

  3. In the Select a Target dialog, choose PL, which is short for Patch Location, then click OK.
  4. In the Create Favorite dialog, type a detailed Description, such as “1 Rack with 3, 96–Port Panels — 288 Total Ports”
  5. All of the fields for the Patch Location are populated when the location is placed on the map. Thus, leave all fields unchanged for the Patch Location itself.
  6. Expand the Patch Location to see its relationships.

  7. Right-click F_Rack and choose Add Related Object.
  8. Populate the common fields for this Rack.
    1. Description: Rack 01
    2. Name: Rack 01
    3. Mount Type: Wall Mount
    4. Location Type: Indoor
    5. Sides: FB, which indicates you want to see both the Front and Back of this Rack when you run a Patch Panel Connection Report.
  9. Click Apply.
  10. Expand the Rack to see its relationships.

  11. In ArcMap, arrange the interface so that the Create Favorite dialog is near the Table of Contents. You are about to drag and drop your Panel from the Table of Contents into the Create Favorite dialog, so having them reasonably close simply makes this easier.
  12. In the Table of Contents > Features pane, expand the folder that contains the Panel you created previously.
  13. Drag and drop the Panel onto the F_PATCHPANEL relationship in the Create Favorite dialog.

  14. Repeat two more times so that the Rack has three Panels.

  15. Click the first Panel, and populate the unique attributes:
    1. Name: Panel 01
    2. Rack Position: 1
  16. Click Apply.
  17. Repeat the procedure for Panel 02 and Panel 03, remembering to change the Rack Position to 2 and 3, respectively.
  18. Click Create.
  19. Close the Create Favorite dialog.
  20. Save the Patch Location favorite.
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