Bus Bar

BusBar is a large rigid conductor that connects devices in switching facilities to feed power to two or more circuits. Substation buses carry current in a confined space and need to have enough structural strength to support the stress of shortcircuit current, high wind, and ice loading. Distribution substation buses are often made of copper and aluminum tubing. Bus capacity is limited by heating effects of the current. Other factors affecting the heating of a bus include size and shape, surface area, and ventilation. Tubular buses provide a larger cross-sectional area in a minimum space but is offset by a smaller surface area for dissipating heat loss.

The ELECTRICNETWORKEDGE model name is used to configure electric tracing in ArcFM Viewer for ArcGIS Engine. Assign to all Electric Network Edge feature classes that participate in electric tracing.

The ArcFM Segment Split autoupdater requires that the linear feature have the SPLITTARGET model name assigned. When a point feature (with this AU assigned) is placed on a linear feature, this AU looks for the SPLITTARGET model name. If it exists, it splits the line into two features and snaps the point feature between the two new linear features.

BusBar inherits attributes from the ElectricComplexEdge abstract class.

Associations: CircuitSource, SwitchingFacility

Subtypes: BusBar. The use of subtypes is optional. The Subtype attribute can be removed if subtypes aren't used in the model.



Field Name

Field Type




Shape of BusBar, which affects size of cross-sectional area and heating.


long integer

Used by Feeder Manager to determine device status and other information that affects circuit connectivity. Feeder Manager requires that the MMELECTRICTRACEWEIGHT model name be assigned to this field.


long integer

Used by Feeder Manager if assigned model name to indicate that device is not to be included in tracing. Assign the FDRMGRNONTRACEABLE model name to this field.



Feeder Manager identifier assigned to feeders and devices that participate in a specific distribution circuit. Feeder Manager uses the FEEDERID model name in this field.



Feeder Manager identifier assigned if device is supplied by second feeder. Feeder Manager uses the FEEDERID2 model name on this field.


long integer

Feeder Manager-assigned phase information describing the phase of the circuit. Feeder Manager uses the FEEDERINFO model name on this field.



Device capacity delivered to load area in MVA.


long integer

Code indicating system voltage for which BusBar is rated; domain values include 7.2 kV Grounded Y, 24.9 kV Grounded Y, 2400 Delta, etc.


long integer

Code indicating standard level at which system is currently being operated that may vary above or below nominal voltage; domain values include 120 volts, 480 volts, etc. Feeder Manager and Electric Tracing use the OPERATINGVOLTAGE model name on this field.


long integer

Code indicating phases present; domain values include A, AB, AC, etc.



Distance between buses following minimum electrical clearance for various BILs.


long integer

Object ID of associated SwitchingFacility.

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