Changing MSMQ Multicast Address

IMPORTANT: The multicast attribute below relates to the PGM Multicast protocol used by Responder PubSub. This is NOT the same as the multicast group setting in the database configuration section for each Responder service, as that setting relates to a different multicast protocol (UDP) that is used primarily by ArcMap. In fact, the multicast attribute below MUST be different than the aforementioned multicast group, or PubSub will not function properly. Only change the attribute below if you have noticed a conflict in your networking hardware for the default address/port.

You only need to change an MSMQ Multicast address if it conflicts with another multicast address. Otherwise, it is not recommended to change this address.

If you must modify the MSMQ Multicast address, be sure to review multicast address information documented in  Responder Communication Framework. This information is critical to ensuring you set the multicast address properly.

If you are changing the MSMQ Multicast address, in the <applicationSettings> section of  the Responder Explorer, Data Services, and Prediction Services configuration files, change the value for MsmqMulticastAddress. See Control Network Interface Binding for additional specific steps.

<setting name="MsmqMulticastAddress" serializeAs="String">

If you are using the PubSubViewer, in the <applicationSettings> section of the ResponderPubSubViewer.exe configuration file, add the following setting:

<add key="MsmqMulticastAddress" value=""/>

The value should have the same Multicast Address that was changed in the Explorer, Data Services, and Prediction Services configuration files.

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