Circuit Manager

Circuit Manager provides the ability to name paths of light for dedicated purposes. For example, you could name all the paths connecting a network operations center to a hospital, a university campus, or an emergency response organization. In this manner, all users in the system know which fiber paths are servicing which customers.

IMPORTANT: Geodatabase Manager is not supported with Fiber Manager Circuits. Do not use Geodatabase Manager to reconcile or post edits to Fiber Manager data if circuits are in use with the fiber data.

There are a few ways to modify the Circuit Manager dialog, namely using Circuit Type as a way to organize circuits and choosing whether or not a circuit should change the availability counts for fiber optic cables.

Circuit Type and Channel

Circuit Type and Channel are used to organize your circuits. Think of it simply as a “group” of related circuits. By default, including a Channel or Type with each circuit is not required, but it is highly recommended. Having a way to organize your circuits makes it much easier to manage, especially when you have hundreds (or even thousands) of them.

TIP: If you want to make the Type/Channel field required, in ArcCatalog set its table property “Allow NULL values” to “No.” Do this before creating any circuits. Once the F_Circuit table is populated, you are no longer able to change this property without deleting existing circuits.

Your company can re-name the Channel field to suit your needs. The important part is assigning a field in the F_Circuit object table the CircuitChannel field model name and then attaching it to a usable domain. Whatever field receives this model name populates both the Circuit Type drop-down and Channel drop-down, as seen in the first image in this help topic.

Availability Counts

When creating a circuit, you can have the application mark the fibers that compose that circuit as unavailable. Check the box and set the drop-down to “Unavailable” as seen in the first image in this help topic.

However, there is another piece to consider: the count of available fibers at the fiber optic cable level. In other words, Circuit Manager marks the individual fibers as “Unavailable,” but the total count is stored at the parent, cable level. To get these two functions to speak to each other, in the ArcFM Fiber Settings, simply check the box to “Update availability along circuit path,” as seen in the following image:

In this manner, available counts across all cables that compose a circuit decrease as fibers are allocated.

IMPORTANT: The application looks for the fields in the fiber optic cable feature class that have the field model names SingleModeAvailabilityIndicator or MultiModeAvailabilityIndicator to know which count fields to update.

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