Permissions Required for Ignoring QA/QC Rules on Certain Features

Feeder Manager 2.0 contains a variety of validation rules that users can assign to ensure the correctness of their data. These validation rules include the Loops, Multifeeds, and De-energized features rules. The rules work only with edge and junction features that participate in an electric geometric network configured for Feeder Manager 2.0.

If one of your feature classes is configured to use either the MultiFeeds or Loops QA/QC rule, but ArcMap users prefer that it isn’t applied to certain individual features belonging to that class, they can set individual features to ignore this rule by right-clicking individual features in the ArcFM Attribute Editor and selecting QA/QC Disable Options. For this functionality to work correctly, you must ensure that any such user has permission to write to the MM_QAQC table in your database.

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