Configure Geodatabase Replica - Client

Due to so many links to topics everywhere, and so many repeat, duplicate topics, I am placing this comment in topics I’ve already fixed that I know are linked to a bunch or that I know I have seen a bunch and that I want to ensure aren’t duplicates or see if I can reuse something {this is the case for Enable Dir Browsing and Configure Bits}. AMS 12/2018

Engine Mobile Users: Follow the steps in this section to create a client replica for your Backdrop database.

Use the steps in this section to configure the replication client to receive updates from the SDE geodatabase. A configured, read-only sample is installed here: Program Files (x86)\Miner and Miner\ArcFM Solution\Bin\XML\Sample.Client.ReplicationConsole.exe.config. An empty version of ReplicationConsole.exe.config resides in the Bin directory. Whether you modify the sample or use the empty config file, it MUST have the name ReplicationConsole.exe.config and it MUST reside in the ArcFM Solution\Bin directory. A replication file by any other name isn’t recognized.

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