Configure Feeder Manager 1.0

Feeder Manager 1.0

IMPORTANT: Schneider Electric strongly recommends that choose to configure your database for Feeder Manager 2.0 instead of Feeder Manager 1.0.

View the Feeder Manager 1.0 Configuration Steps section at the bottom of this page to configure Feeder Manager 1.0 with or without Extended Feeder Manager.

Extended Feeder Manager

NOTE: Extended Feeder Manager is optional for both Feeder Manager 1.0 and Feeder Manager 2.0.

As of the 9.2.1 release, Extended Feeder Manager provides support for multi-tiered networks. This means some additional configuration. If you're doing a new configuration, follow the steps below and include the portions marked "optional" on each page. If you're upgrading an existing Feeder Manager configuration to Extended Feeder Manager, follow the upgrade steps. Optional configurations are listed with each step. Perform these portions of the configuration only if you wish to use Extended Feeder Manager with your multi-tiered network.

Tracing with Extended Feeder Manager: The ArcFM Feeder Subsource Level autoupdater assigns a level value of 0 to an ultimate source, then increasing values as it encounters subsources downstream. Each level in a feeder may have no more than one subsource (multiple subsources per level requires a custom autoupdater). The Upstream and Downstream traces use these subsource level values. The ArcFM Upstream trace halts if it encounters a subsource that has a level greater than or equal to the previous level (i.e., lower voltage). The ArcFM Downstream trace halts if it encounters a subsource less than or equal to the previous level (i.e., higher voltage).

This section is broken into steps, followed by additional information that you may find useful.

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