Configure Mass Attribute Update

An administrator may use the ArcFM Properties Manager to designate attribute fields as editable and updateable by the Mass Attribute Update tool. The default setting is to allow all attribute fields to be updated.

  1. Right-click the feature class and select ArcFM Properties Manager.
  2. Click the Field Info tab.
  3. Select subtype. Select <ALL> as the subtype to modify the attribute field for the entire feature class.
  4. Select an attribute field.
  5. In the Field Properties, select the Editable field and enter Yes. If this field has a No value, the user will not be able to perform mass attribute updates to it.
  6. Select the Allow Mass Attribute Update field.
  7. Select Yes to allow mass updates to this field or No to prevent mass attribute updates to this field.

    If you select No, the field will appear as uneditable in the Mass Attribute Update window. If you select Yes, the Visible and Editable fields must also be set to Yes.

    NOTE: Administrators may use the ArcGIS Lock Customization option to prevent Mass Attribute Update from appearing in the user's toolbar Commands list in ArcMap.
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