Create Incident

Each outage is represented by an incident in Responder and with symbology at the outage location in ArcMap. If the incident was generated by a customer call, the call is associated with the incident, and it appears on the Calls tab of Responder Explorer. Incidents can be generated in a number of ways.

  • Web Browser: When a client calls to report an outage, the customer service representative types the information into the web browser. A customer service representative can include both customer calls and location calls that report outages or issues at locations other than a specific address (e.g., a burning transformer on Main Street).

  • ArcMap: A dispatcher can create an incident by clicking a point on the map in ArcMap using a number of tools. You can create an incident on a fault or a non-electric incident, or create a hazard to an existing feature.

  • Responder Explorer: A dispatcher may have an incident with multiple devices. She can select a single device on this incident and move it to a new incident.

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