Create Tag

Available in ArcMap.

This tool allows you to place a tag on a device without a switching order or an incident. If a tag is placed on a device that is already part of an incident, the device is automatically confirmed. Tags can be placed only on features that participate in the geometric network.

  1. Click the Create Tag button on the Responder toolbar.
    The cursor becomes a circle with a blue dot in the middle. The blue dot snaps to all selectable devices. A layer must be set as selectable before this tool snaps to its features.
  2. Click a device on the map.
  3. Type the tag information in the Create Tag window.

    The fields in yellow are required.

  4. Click OK.

    If a tag with the same name already exists on the selected feature, the user receives a warning. However, tags with identical names can still be created.

    The tag can be viewed in Responder Explorer on the Tags tab.

    NOTE: ‘Do Not Energize’ is the only available tag type for conductors. Other operational tags make sense only for operable/point features.
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