Delete Sibling Designs

Deletes all designs in the work request except the one selected when this subtask is performed. You may use this subtask in conjunction with subtasks such as Verify Design or Begin Construction to delete alternate designs from a work request when one is approved. This subtasks also requires the existence of a task called Delete No Prompt. The Delete No Prompt task should include the following subtasks (in order): Does user own work request or design?, Is design locked?, Delete. Note that there is no subtask to confirm deletion. Refer to the sample data to see how tasks are configured.


  • MMWorkflowManager must be the current extension.

  • Workflow Manager must be open and visible.

  • The node passed to this subtask is a design node.


  1. Prompts the user to confirm deletion.

  2. Gets the parent work request.

  3. Compiles a collection of siblings.

  4. Passes in the selected design.

  5. Deletes each sibling and retains the design passed in.

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