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Extended Feeder Manager (EFM) uses the same framework as Feeder Manager and extends the functionality to help a utility manager to identify distinct voltage levels within an electric network. EFM enables the utility manager to define a set of intermediate feeder sources within electric circuits at points downstream of the ultimate power sources recognized by Feeder Manager.

If you have configured your geodatabase to use EFM, you need to perform the following steps to ensure Responder supports EFM. The following steps ensure that the SubFeederID field is properly populated. This value is necessary for EFM to function properly.

NOTE: Responder Explorer displays the SubfeederID whenever it's available, not the FeederID field.
  1. Ensure you have performed all upgrade steps necessary for your current release. These steps are outlined on the What's New page for each release.
  2. Use ArcCatalog to add the SubstationID field to the CircuitSourceID table. This field should have a data type of Text (length=20) and allow NULL values. 
  3. If it doesn't already exist, add the SUBSTATIONID field model name to the Electric Field Model Name domain.
  4. Use the ArcFM Properties Manager to assign the SUBSTATIONID field model name to the SubstationID field on the CircuitSourceID table.
  5. Populate the SubstationID field with an ID that indicates the substation that feeds a feeder at a particular voltage level. The substation could be a subsource or an ultimate source.
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