Extract feeder information to a database

This is the simplest use case for extracting feeder information from your Feeder Manager 2.0 data. This process involves running the Export By Feeder GP tool outside of the context of the Esri's Model Builder. The end result is the creation of feature classes or tables in a new or existing database that contain Feeder Manager 2.0 information. It extracts data only from feature classes that participate in an electric dataset configured for Feeder Manager 2.0.

  1. Follow the steps above to add the Export By Feeder geoprocessing tool to a new toolbox in ArcMap or ArcCatalog.
  2. Open the toolbox and double-click Export By Feeder.
  3. In the Export By Feeder window, click the folder under Input Geometric Network.
  4. Locate a geometric network and click Add.
  5. Use the Input Feeder ID menu to select one or more of the feeders that belong to that geometric network.
  6. Click the folder icon in the Output Database field to specify a database to which tables or feature classes containing feeder information are added. You can use the output Database window to locate an existing database or create a new one. 
  7. If you want to specify a prefix for each of the tables or feature classes generated by this tool, enter it in the Table Prefix field.
  8. If you want to export each feature class without its spatial data, check Export As a Table.
  9. Click OK. The tool runs and generates the feature classes or tables in the database you specified.
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