Tie Devices and Feeder Manager 2.0

In order for Feeder Manager 2.0 to recognize a feature as a tie device, the feature must meet all of the following criteria:

  1. The feature must be an open, switchable device. For example, dynamic protective devices can be tie devices. Service points and transformers cannot. Any switchable device can be a tie device.
  2. A tie device may have different ultimate and subsources on a side, as long as the feeder level is the same on both sides of the device. A device with feeds coming from Feeder 1 and Feeder 2 on one side and Feeder 3 on the other side can be a tie device, as long as the feeder level for all three feeders is the same when it reaches the tie device.
  3. When you close the device, the network becomes fed on at least one phase by a different ultimate source or subsource. 
    • Feeder Manager 2.0 considers all tie devices to be multi-fed.

    • Note that subsources feed, but do not energize, downstream features. Subsources themselves must be energized in order to be discovered by the Find Feeder tool.

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