Change the Header of a Circuit

If you want to change the header (origin) of an existing circuit, you can use the Change Header button.

  1. Select a feature containing the connectable object that you want to set as the new header.
  2. Open Circuit Manager and locate the circuit.
  3. If you also want to change the wavelength for this circuit, type a value in the Wavelength field and click off the field.
    TIP: Ensure that you change the wavelength value prior to clicking Change Header. This enables the Wavelength field in the Change Circuit Header window to be updated with this value.
  4. Click the Change Header button. If desired, before you click Change Header, you can check the box for Create Fiber Path Trace Report and/or Zoom to Trace Extent
  5. In the Change Circuit Header window, expand the appropriate object and select a different connectable object, then click Select new header. The new header is automatically saved.
  6. Trace results are automatically displayed on the map.
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