Find Feeder Tool Statistics

The data presented in the Stats tab of the Find Feeder tool depends on the proper configuration of your database.

The service point count requires the SERVICEPOINT class model name be assigned to the feature class representing service points, or this data will not appear.

The Total Length measurement looks to data in the fields assigned the MEASUREDLENGTH field model name on edge feature classes belonging to the electric geometric network. If MEASUREDLENGTH is not assigned or is not populated, the Total Length data displayed in this tab comes from the GIS shape length instead.

The phase load breakdown requires all of the following:

  • A transformer feature class assigned the TRANSFORMER class model name.

  • A transformer unit feature class assigned the TRANSFORMERUNIT class model name.

  • A composite relationship class with one-to-many cardinality between the transformer feature class and transformer unit table. The transformer feature class must serve as the origin and the transformer unit table must serve as the destination.

These three items allow the Find Feeder tool to identify the true transformers that carry kVA, and ignore other feature classes to which the TRANSFORMER model name might also be assigned but whose members do not carry kVA, such as the PrimaryMeter feature class in the sample data.

The PHASEDESIGNATION and RATEDKVA field model names must also be assigned to fields belonging to the transformer and transformer unit classes. The Find Feeder tool looks to these fields for its calculations. It first looks to these fields on the transformer unit. If they do not exist or are not populated there, it looks to these fields on the transformer instead.

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