Gas Traces

Gas trace tasks allow you to check how natural gas is flowing through a network of connected features. Using the Gas Trace options, you can define protective devices and determine how sources are located. The Valve Isolation trace lets you designate valves as included or excluded as well as place temporary sources and barriers.

IMPORTANT: In order to perform a trace, the Enabled fields on the features in the geometric network must be set to True. Any feature with an Enabled value of False will be treated as a barrier in the trace.
TIP: When you perform a trace, the dialog pictured here will appear after a few seconds. Click Cancel trace to stop a trace that is taking too long to build. Click Show simple to show the trace results without calculating their geometries. This will show the entire feature as opposed to showing only a portion of the complex edge. The Zoom to Results tool will be unavailable when showing a simple trace.

Gas Tracing is available in ArcFM and ArcFM Viewer.

The following image shows a cathodic protection trace with buffer:

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