Replica Update Settings

  • Update Interval: This value indicates how often (in minutes) updates are applied to the client geodatabase. A value of 0 indicates that only one update should occur and subsequent updates must be initiated manually by the user.

    • Number Of Retries: This value indicates the number of times to retry an update that has failed.

    • Number of Retries for Full Downloads: If the transfer should fail, Geodatabase Replication will attempt to copy the entire extracted database to the client (rather than just the delta file). This value indicates how many attempts the Web Service should make to copy the full database. Full databases will be placed in the Client Base Path in a folder called FullDatabases. This folder could grow to an enormous size if full databases are retrieved very often. Be sure to clean this directory regularly.

    • Retry Interval: This value indicates the frequency (in minutes) with which retries are performed should an update fail.

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