Configure Graphic Annotation

Graphic Annotation gives you the ability to place graphics as annotation. Previously, graphics were stored only with sessions. So if the session was deleted, the accompanying graphics would be deleted as well. A graphic stored as part of an annotation layer—also called a public redline—may be published to a more permanent location, making it viewable by all users on the enterprise as well as in the field.

Graphic Annotation must be used with ArcFM Annotation feature classes. If you elect to use Esri Annotation feature classes, errors will occur. To configure Graphic Annotation, you must assign one model name and one field model name, as described below in the configuration section. One designates the annotation class that allows you to store public redlines. The other indicates which value on the graphic is stored as an attribute in the annotation layer.

IMPORTANT: Engine Mobile: Annotation layers that store graphics should be created and configured on the enterprise database, then included in the schema that creates the backdrop database.
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