Guy is an abstract feature class that inherits the attributes of the abstract class Structure. Guy includes the wire or collection of wires that support poles, Hframes, or towers. Guys are used to add support if the horizontal load is greater than the pole can safely support and when conductor tensions aren’t balanced such as at dead ends, corners, or where the direction of the conductor changes suddenly. Guy wire is made of cable available in several diameters and strengths.

Structural Analysis uses Anchor Guys and Span Guys, which inherit from the Guy abstract class, to determine the capacity necessary for the guys on a given support structure.

The Guy abstract class inherits attributes from the Structure abstract class.


Field Name

Field Type



long integer

Number of wires in guy assembly; range of 1 to 4. Structural Analysis uses the GUYCOUNT model name on this field.


short integer

Distance from support structure to anchor. Structural Analysis uses the LEADLENGTH model name on this field.



Code indicating wire material; domain values include Steel and Other.



Code indicating size of guy wire used; domain values include 1/2", 3/8", 5/16", etc. Structural Analysis uses the WIRESIZE model name on this field.



Code indicating strength rating of wire composing the guy; domain values include Common, High Strength, etc. Structural Analysis uses the WIRESTRENGTH model name on this field.

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