Stored Displays and Geodatabases

When using either Basic and Advanced Redliner, your stored display must contain at least one valid layer on which your license allows an edit session. Your license determines the rules around whether your ArcFM Annotation feature class can reside in the same dataset as a geometric network, and whether that dataset can contain relationships:

  • If you use an ArcGIS for Desktop Standard license (formerly ArcEditor) or an ArcGIS for Desktop Basic license (formerly ArcView), this valid layer must be from a dataset which contains no relationships or geometric networks. Because Advanced Redliner must edit annotation classes, all annotation layers used as redlining targets must be valid editing layers.

  • If you use an ArcGIS for Desktop Basic license with the Geodatabase Update Extension, your dataset can contain relationships but cannot contain a geometric network.

  • If you use an ArcGIS for Desktop Standard or an ArcGIS for Desktop Advanced (formerly ArcInfo) license, your dataset can contain both relationships and geometric networks.

Valid layers are required because both Redliner and Inspector must start edit sessions. To begin an edit session, your map must include at least one editable layer. This is true even for Basic Redliner, even though it cannot edit any features.

If all the layers in your stored display come from a single geodatabase, the order of the layers does not matter because ArcFM automatically uses valid layers to start the edit session. The layer rules for multiple geodatabases depend on which product you use:

  • If you use Redliner in Engine Viewer, and your stored display uses layers from multiple geodatabases, the first layer in the stored display must be from the geodatabase with the valid layers. An editing workspace can only be started on a single geodatabase at a time, and ArcFM attempts to start the edit session only on the first geodatabase listed in the stored display.

  • If you use Engine Mobile instead of Redliner, you will receive a prompt from ArcMap after running the Open Graphic Session command. Here you can choose which workspace to start editing.

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