This page provides a general description of the Layout tab and how it may be used. For more specific information refer to the following:

The Layout tab allows you to add and remove various elements from the user interface. It also allows you to select the application licenses used to run ArcFM Engine applications (e.g., ArcFM Viewer for ArcGIS Engine).

The various layout element types are listed in the tree at the far left. Select a group to view:

  • Commands: This list contains all commands available in the application. These are broken out into categories (e.g., ArcFM Solution, Feature Selection, etc.). Select the Commands group to view all commands.

  • Dockable Windows: This list contains all dockable windows in the application (e.g., Locator, Selectable Layers, etc.).

  • Extensions: This list contains all extensions available in the application (e.g., Session Manager).

  • Licenses: This list contains all available licenses. These are grouped into Esri and Schneider Electric licenses. Select Licenses to view all available licenses.

The Available Components column lists all commands that are not currently displayed in the ArcFM Viewer for ArcGIS Engine layout. The Loaded Components column displays all commands that are in the user interface. Available Components may be visible when the application is opened, or they may be available in the Commands dialog.

If you wish to remove a component from the layout, select it on the right and click the single arrow (or double-click the element) to move it to the Available Components list at the left. The double-arrow buttons will move all elements in the list to either the right or left. Click the Apply button to save changes.

When a window has multiple fields (e.g., Name and Category in the Loaded Components window above), you may click a field heading and drag it to a new position within the window.

You may also click a field heading to sort by that field. In the figure below a red rectangle is highlighting an arrow that indicates an ascending or descending sort.

The toolbar allows you to filter and search the displayed lists. To filter, enter criteria in the Filter field. Both the Available Components and Loaded Components lists are filtered according to the criteria entered. In the figure below we typed zoom into the Filter by Name field. So, lists are filtered to include ONLY elements that contain the word zoom in their names.

When you have an item selected in the Available Components or the Loaded Compoments window, information about that item is displayed in the bottom frame.

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