Legacy Issues

In past releases, Feeder Manager used additional model names for electrical devices. Feeder Manager will continue to work with these model names as follows:

Model Name

Equivalent model names (past releases)









The CalculateTraceWeight attribute autoupdater is a legacy component and should NOT be confused with Feeder Manager's "built-in" weight autoupdater (which is implemented as a "special" autoupdater, not an "attribute" autoupdater, and is found at the Object Info tab of the ArcFM Properties Manager).

Clients upgrading from ArcFM 8.0x and wishing to use Feeder Manager should establish MMElectricTraceWeight (exact spelling and capitalization) as a new weight in their electric distribution network, distinct from the earlier weight used by the trace tools, and that the new weight should be associated with a new field in each network feature class.

ArcFM gas tracing functions in legacy products were based on a value of True or False in the Enabled attribute field. The Set Gas Enabled and Set Electric Enabled autoupdaters are no longer used for trace tasks, although included to support older functionality.

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