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TIP: License Manager 9.2  is compatible with ArcFM Solution 9.2 and later. So while your ArcFM Solution license may be 10.1, the License Manager may be version 9.2. This case is supported and will not cause any issues.

The ArcFM License Manager allows an administrator to track the total number of ArcFM Solution licenses purchased as well as the current number in use and available. The License Manager model consists of a license server and a license client. A site may have multiple license servers and/or multiple license clients.

License Manager functionality for individual computers (license clients) is included in the ArcFM installation. You will need to install License Manager on a license server (see the License Manager Read Me file). Each license server requires a valid license file and a Sentinel key (or hardware key). The Sentinel key is encoded into the license file. If you wish to move the license file, the Sentinel key must accompany it as well. Sentinel keys are NOT interchangeable.

If you wish to request additional licenses, contact Schneider Electric. Before contacting Schneider Electric for additional licenses, you will need your Sentinel key numbers as well as the existing number of licenses. If you don't have Sentinel key numbers, you must provide the MAC ID or hard disk serial number of a Windows-based server. Use the Hardware ID Tool to access your MAC ID or hard disk serial number.

Once you have purchased application licenses, the license file must be updated. Users can access various types of licenses using the Desktop Administrator.

IMPORTANT: Windows 7 Users: Microsoft's User Account Control (UAC) feature may prevent access to some functionality. To prevent this when running the Desktop Administrator, right-click Desktop Administrator in the Start Menu and select Run As Administrator.
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