ESRI License Override

When Data Services, Prediction Services, and Archive Services are launched, the applications look for Esri product licenses in a specific order:

ArcEngine Runtime (esriLicenseProductCodeEngine)

ArcGIS for Desktop Basic (esriLicenseProductCodeBasic)

ArcGIS for Desktop Standard (esriLicenseProductCodeStandard)

ArcGIS for Desktop Advanced (esriLicenseProductCodeAdvanced)

The application uses the first available license it encounters. To always use a specific license, you may override this license search order and indicate a specific license.

Look for the following lines in Miner.Responder.DataServices.exe.config, Miner.Responder.PredictionServices.exe.config, and Miner.Responder.ArchiveServices.exe.config. By default, this code is commented out. Be sure to remove the comment tags. In the Value field, add a value from the esriLicenseProductCode enumeration to indicate the Esri license to use.

                <!-- <add key="EsriLicenseOverride" value="esriLicenseProductCodeAdvanced" /> -->
NOTE: All three services are not required to use the same Esri license type. However, if they reside on the same server, it is strongly recommended that they use the same license type.
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