Set Up Local Net Service Name (Oracle)

If you are using Oracle on your Responder server, you will need to set up a local name service to establish connection information between Oracle (where your geodatabase resides) and Data Services.

  1. Open Oracle's Net Manager (located in Configuration and Migration Tools).


  2. Expand Local in the tree at the left.
  3. Expand and select Service Naming.
  4. Click the plus (+) sign to add a local name.
  5. Follow the wizard to create a new net service name. Below is the information you may be asked to provide.
    • Net Service Name: this can be anything.
    • Network Protocol: TCP/IP
    • Host Name: the name of your server
    • Service Name: your database instance
  6. Responder uses Oracle Managed Driver to connect to Oracle databases. After creating the tnsnames.ora file, the Managed driver needs to know where the file is located.
    Access System Properties, then add the Variable Name TNS_ADMIN as an environment variable.
  7. Set the Variable value to the path where the tnsnames.ora file resides. For example: C:\app\client\username\product\18.0.0\client_1\network\admin

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