Location Call

Available in Responder Web Browser.

On occasion, customers may call regarding incidents that do not have locations. The following scenarios are considered calls without locations:

  • Customer record found, but incident is not at the customer's location

  • Customer record not found, but customer insists he or she is a customer

  • Caller reports incident at a network location

  • Caller reports incident at a non-network location

  • Caller reports incident at non-electric utility location

  • Caller reports incident, but doesn't know the location, or the location is not near a known feature

In these instances, the operator can create a trouble call using the Location Call section.

  1. In the Responder Web Browser, select the Customer Service section.
  2. Click Location Call.
  3. Provide the call information (e.g., caller's name and phone number, address, etc.).
    If a Hazard exists, the Public Safety field allows you to indicate whether public safety officials are on site.
  4. If the call qualifies as urgent, select the Urgent Call checkbox.
  5. Select the appropriate values in the Trouble, Hazard(s), and Cause drop-down lists.
    These fields can be customized, so the fields you see may have different values than those shown here. If you select any value in the Trouble Type field except No Power, the call is treated as a non-outage.
  6. Do one of the following:
    • To submit the form, click Submit.
    • To empty the form, click Clear.

    NOTE: Outage calls with hazards submit two calls: one for the hazard and one for the outage, both of which can be managed separately. They can also be combined with normal tools, such as the Consolidate tool.
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