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A macro favorite is generally used to place spatial (or symbolized) CUs along with their associated non-spatial (non-symbolized) CUs. A macro favorite allows you to send features with multiple non-symbolized CUs to the Targets tab with one click. All symbolized CUs in a macro favorite (there may be multiple) must have the same geometric type (line, point, polygon). When you place a macro favorite, a line or point is placed on the map for each symbolized CU in the macro favorite. All CUs in the macro favorite (symbolized or non-symbolized) will appear on the Design tab. Macro favorites may only be created on the CUs tab.

A macro favorite differs from a favorite in that it allows the user to place multiple symbolized CUs with one click. A favorite allows you to place only one symbolized CU. You can include non-symbolized CUs in a macro, but not in a composite favorite.


Only an administrator may create a system macro favorite in the System Favorites folder. System macro favorites are available to all users connected to the geodatabase. Any user may create a user macro favorite which is available only to the user who created it.

  1. Right-click a category on the CUs tab and select Create Macro Favorite.
  2. Drag CUs (both symbolized and non-symbolized) from the CUs tab and drop them on the New Macro Favorite node.
  3. In the Create Macro window, add a description in the Description field. When you click Create, this name will appear on the CUs tab.

  4. Select a Snap Like feature and an Edit Task.

    You may select CUs to view and edit attributes in the right side of the window. Expand the CU and select the child level to view and edit Work Management System (WMS) information. Non-spatial CUs will contain only WMS information since they do not have spatial attributes.

  5. Click Create to save the macro favorite. The description will appear on the CUs tab. Each time you click Create another macro favorite is added to the CUs tab. You may have multiple favorites with the same name.
  6. Click Close to close the Create Macro window.


    To edit an existing macro favorite, right-click it on the CUs tab and select Edit Macro Favorite. Use the object editor grid on the right side of the window to edit attributes of the selected CU. Modified values have a field label displayed in blue. If a field does not accept a Null value and no value is assigned, it is highlighted in yellow. You may also edit the Description, Snap Like Feature and Edit Task fields available when you have the top node selected. The Create Copy button is discussed later in this section.

    Delete: To delete a macro favorite, right-click it on the CUs tab and select Delete. You may also select it and press Delete on the keyboard.

Create Copy

You may want to copy a favorite, composite favorite, template favorite, or macro favorite (Designer only) and make minor modifications instead of creating an entirely new favorite. For ArcFM users, favorites are visible on the Features list (Designer users see note below). The Create Copy button is how you initiate this process.

Designer users: You can access favorites, composite favorites, and template favorites on the CU list as well as the Features list. Macro favorites are available only to Designer users and only on the CUs list.

  1. Right-click the favorite and select the Edit tool (e.g., Edit Favorite, Edit Composite Favorite, Edit Template Favorite, or Edit Macro Favorite) to display the Edit Favorite dialog.
  2. You may enter a new description for the favorite in the Description field. If you do not rename it, you will have multiple favorites with the same name.
  3. Click Create Copy. The renamed favorite will be saved in the same favorite category as the originally selected favorite. You may drag and drop the new favorite to another category, if you want.
  4. You can edit this copy as needed. See Edit Favorites, Edit Composite Favorites, or Edit Template Favorite for more information. (Designer users may view Edit Macro Favorites.)

    The favorite Alternate Switching Facility was created from Switching Facility using the Create Copy button.

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