ArcFM Model Name Browser

The ArcFM Model Name Browser allows you to easily see where a particular model name is assigned, or to see all model names assigned to a particular class. This tool is view-only and does not allow editing of model name assignments. To assign model names, use the ArcFM Properties Manager.

Geodatabase or Dataset

If you have the geodatabase or a dataset selected, you can choose a model name from the drop-down list to view all the classes and fields to which the model name is assigned.

Use the Model Name Domain field to filter the model names in the Model Name field. If a domain is selected, the Model Name field displays only the model names in the selected domain. If no domain is selected, the field displays all model names in the geodatabase.

Classes and Tables

If you have a class or table selected in ArcCatalog, the Model Name Browser displays all the class and field model names assigned to it. These assignments cannot be edited using the Model Name Browser.

Model names cannot be assigned to relationship classes or geometric networks. If either of these are selected, the Model Name Browser indicates that model names do not apply.

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