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The CUs tab displays all CUs that you can add to the map. You can place a CU or several types of favorites. When you double-click a CU or favorite on the CUs tab, it is added to the Targets tab on the Attribute Editor. This allows you to easily see the name of the feature or favorite you are placing. You may use the Attribute Editor (Targets tab) to edit fields on the CU or favorite before placing it. This is the default behavior.

If you have enabled the Quick Estimate tool, the CU or favorite is sent to the Design tab. In this case, you must click the CU or favorite on the Design tab before it can be placed on the map.

Designer users can still use the Features tab to place features and favorites on the map. However, features placed using the Features tab are not added to your open design.

  1. With a design open, double-click a CU or favorite on the CUs tab. A single click only selects the CU or favorite. You must double-click it to send it to the Targets tab. (If you have the Quick Estimate tool enabled, the CU or favorite is sent to the Design tab.)
  2. Optional: Before placing the CU or favorite on the map, you can select it on the Targets tab and modify attributes. When you edit an attribute value, Attribute Editor highlights the field label in blue. If a field does not accept a Null value and no value is assigned, it is highlighted in yellow. Select the GIS unit (GU) node to modify attributes specific to the feature; select the CU node to modify the work function (e.g., Install, Remove) or extended data.

  3. When you double-click the feature or favorite on the CUs tab or single-click it on the Targets tab, the cursor becomes cross-hairs and a gray circle . Click the map to indicate the point to place the CU or favorite.

    If you're placing a feature or favorite, only a single click is necessary to place the item on the map (except for linear features; click at each vertice and double-click to finish). The following favorites may require more to place them.

    • Composite Favorite: You may need a second click to indicate the rotation. See Composite Favorite Rotation for more information.

    • Template Favorite: Templates allow you to place multiple CUs. You will need to click a point on the map for each feature and may be prompted for additional information. See Place Template Favorite for more information.

      IMPORTANT: A CU's available Work Functions sometimes change after creation for various reasons. For example, a technology may become obsolete, prompting a change to Remove as the CU's only available Work Function. When a favorite is added to a design, ArcFM checks the current Work Functions available for its CUs. You will receive an error message if the Work Function is currently invalid for any CUs in the favorite.
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