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This section describes how to place a template favorite. The placement experience will vary with each template favorite depending on its design. This example places the template favorite created in the Design Template Favorite section.

  1. You can only place Template Favorites within an edit session. If you're using Designer, you must have an edit session started or a design opened. Select the template favorite you want to place from the Features list or CUs list (Designer only).
  2. You may single-click (Features list) or double-click (CUs list) the template favorite, or right-click and select Send to Targets.
  3. Open the Attribute Editor and select the Targets tab. The template favorite will be displayed on this tab.
  4. You can expand the elements in the template favorite to view the features or compatible units (CUs) within. Select a feature or CU to display its attributes in the grid at the bottom of the Attribute Editor.

    The following image shows an ArcFM template favorite on Attribute Editor:

    The following image shows a Designer template favorite on Attribute Editor:

  5. On the Targets tab, click the template favorite you want to place on the map.
  6. Click the location on the map where you want to begin placing features in the template favorite. Click the map to create sketch points. In the example below, each suport structure is a sketch point or a click on the map.
  7. Double-click to finish the sketch or right-click and select Finish Sketch.
    IMPORTANT: If you click, then double-click at the same location to finish, the placement of your template may be impacted. Be sure to double-click at the final click-point in the template favorite.
  8. ArcFM will highlight each feature you place in red. The program highlights point features you place in a series with red circles, single point features with a red diamond, and linear features with a red line. If user input is required for any of the features, the highlighting will pause on that feature.

    In this example, the highlighted (with circles) series of poles are being placed. The pole highlighted with the diamond is the feature currently being edited. Note that the first feature has already been placed and is displayed on the map without a circle.

    In this example, the highlighted line is being placed. The poles from the previous image are already displayed on the map.

  9. You may be prompted to input information during the template favorite placement.
  10. If you click Cancel at any of the above prompts, ArcFM will cancel placement of the entire template without placing any features.
  11. You can click Finish at any of these prompts to complete the template favorite placement. Clicking the Finish button may impact how ArcFM places the template favorite.

    As ArcFM places the template favorite, a status bar in the bottom-left corner indicates the features you are currently placing.

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