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You can use Map Production to print map sets and map books to postscript files (.prn). To print to file, right-click a map book or map set in the ArcFM Map Book Editor or ArcFM Map Book Explorer and select Print to File, or Plot All > Print to File.

IMPORTANT: In ArcFM Map Book Editor, this option will be disabled if the Apply button is enabled. Click Apply to accept any changes and enable this tool.
  1. If you create a new map book or map set, it must be saved before you can print it to a file. Ensure your map book has been saved.
  2. Select a map set or map book.
  3. Right-click and select Print to File.
  4. Name the file.
  5. You may browse to a folder or use the Map Production Options tab of the ArcFM Options to specify a default path.
  6. Click Save.
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