Maximum Number of Minutes

You can change the maximum number of minutes to limit the Operations on DPDs (duration <=1 min.) report by editing the Value attribute of the report's MaxMinutes property.

To change the number of minutes for this report:

  1. Open ArchiveQueriesConfig.xml. By default, this file is installed here: C:\Program Files (x86)\Miner and Miner\Responder\Server.
  2. Look for the following XML.
    <QueryClass Key="DPDOperations" Caption="Operations on DPDs (duration &lt;= 1 min.)" Category="Browser">
                <b:Property Key="Description" Value="A tabular report of incidents involving operations on dynamic protective devices lasting no more than one minute." />
                <b:Property Key="TimePeriod" Value="MTD" />
                <b:Property Key="FacilityType" Value="Dynamic Protective Device" />
                <b:Property Key="MaxMinutes" Value="1" /> 

    The above XML indicates that the maximum number of minutes to limit this report to is one.

  3. Search for the appropriate report to edit the number of minutes. Report names are found in the Caption attribute. 
    TIP: Making changes to any Archive Explorer report that has a QueryClass Category="Browser" will modify that same report in Responder Web.

    Additionally, each report appears twice in ArchiveQueriesConfig.xml - once for the Category of Browser and once for Excel.

  4. Replace the Value attribute of the MaxMinutes property with the appropriate number.
  5. Repeat these steps for the same report with a Category attribute of Excel.
  6. Save and close ArchiveQueriesConfig.xml. There is no need to edit ArchiveSchemaConfig.xml for this configuration.
  7. Close and reopen Responder Archive Explorer to view the updated changes.
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