Set Up Responder Map Layers

In ArcMap, you can set up Responder map layers that graphically depict on the map the location of incidents, hazards, and crews. Map layers are set up on a client machine. Once they have been set up, you may save the map layers as a system stored display or system document that may be accessed by all other client machine users.

IMPORTANT: Nested queries do not always behave as expected in Feeder Manager 2.0. It is recommended that you utilize Join Layers.

 The following steps should be performed in order:

  1. Create Responder Group Layer.
  2. Create Definition Queries or Create Join Layers.
    NOTE: Using Definition Queries will provide performance enhancements compared to using Join Layers.
  3. Create XY Event Layers or Create Query Layers.
    NOTE: It is recommended that you use Query Layers instead of XY Event Layers. In addition to performance improvements, Query Layers supports both Search and Identify functionality in the Responder Web/ArcFM Server integration. This functionality is limited with XY Event Layers.
  4. Create Symbology.
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