Upgrade Session Manager

These instructions are intended for GIS administrators who currently are in production with Session Manager and who want to upgrade to the most recent release of the ArcFM Solution. This document does not apply if you are not currently using Session Manager and will be implementing it with the most recent version of the ArcFM Solution (i.e., you are new to ArcFM and are starting with the most recent release). If you are installing Session Manager for the first time, refer to Set Up Session Manager.

If you are upgrading your Process Framework, you may also need to use the Process Framework Database Upgrade tool.

When upgrading from an older release, you must perform all upgrades between your old version and the release you're installing.

  • No additional upgrade required for 10.6.1a

  • No additional upgrade required for 10.6.1

  • No additional upgrade required for 10.2.1a

  • No additional upgrade required for 10.2.1

  • No additional upgrade required for 10.2

  • Upgrade to 10.1.1

    NOTE: If your workflow is the same as the one provided with the Minerville sample data, you may use the Process Framework Administration Tool Import/Export tab to export the sample workflow and import it into your database instead of performing the upgrades described in this section. This will replicate the sample workflow. Any customizations will be lost.Note that the Process Framework Administration tool is not installed with ArcFM Engine products. If your upgrade requires the user of this tool, it must be done using a machine in which ArcFM Desktop has been installed in order to access this tool.
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