Color Coding

Switching tasks can be highlighted in various colors for different reasons.

The colors below refer to the numbered portion to the left of the task. The colors referring to rows are marked as such.

  • Dark Green: Executed. The task has completed execution.

  • Dark Gray: No action taken yet.

  • Bright Blue: Information. The task may require the user to provide information.

  • Orange: Warning. You can execute a task that is highlighted with a warning, but the results may not be as expected.

  • Red: Error. An error has occurred in the task. The error must be corrected before the task can be executed. Expand the task to see an explanation of the error.

  • Striped: Action is pending or a message is visible if you expand the task.

  • Light Green Row: Pending execution. As soon as the user clicks the Execute Next button, the selected task becomes light green until it is finished executing. When the user clicks Execute All, all tasks awaiting execution are light green until they have finished executing.

  • Chartreuse Row: Executing. The task is currently being executed.

  • Strike Out Text: This indicates that the task has been removed from the switching order using the Strike Task tool. It remains visible in the switching order but does not execute. To strike a task from a switching order, right-click the task and select Strike Task.

  • Light Blue: Selected. Light blue shading of the task (not the numbered portion to the left of the task) indicates it has been selected.

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