Send/Receive Mobile Data

Available in: Session Manager, Workflow Manager

Enable: Select top node in Session Manager or Workflow Manager

Requirements: Network connection

Mobile relies on the transfer of edit packets between the field computer and the Enterprise database. The Send to Field and Send to Enterprise tasks designate to which user the edit packet should be assigned. The Send/Receive Mobile Data task actually moves the edit packets to the appropriate owner and requires a network connection. This task is executed in the field and on the enterprise.

  1. If you are retrieving sessions or designs (field or enterprise), skip to step 2. If you are sending sessions or designs, execute a Send task in Session Manager, Workflow Manager, ArcFM or ArcFM Viewer for ArcGIS Engine. Available Send tasks:
  2. Select the top node in Session Manager or Workflow Manager.

  3. From the Available Tasks menu, select Send/Receive Mobile Data and click the green Execute arrow.

    Additional Notes:

    When executing the Send/Receive task, you could get the following error message.

    This error may indicate that the workspace has not been released by another application. Close any open applications and execute Send/Receive Mobile Data again.

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