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Use Send to Targets to send an item from the Features or CUs tabs to the Targets tab of the Attribute Editor, where you can then place it on the map. You can also select a feature on the map and use Send to Targets to send it (with all of its attributes) to the Targets tab. This tool is useful if you want to place an exact copy of a feature that already exists in the map. You must have an editing session started to enable the Send to Targets right-click tool. 

  • In order for a related object to be sent to the Targets tab, it must be properly configured (see Configuration Guide) and it must exist in the edit workspace.

  • Relationships between descendant objects may cause these objects to be included multiple times on the Targets tab.

  1. You can right-click a feature on the Features or CUs tabs on the Table of Contents, or select a feature and right-click it on the Selection tab of the Attribute Editor.
  2. Select Send to Targets on the context menu to copy a feature to the Targets tab.

  3. Click the Targets tab and select the feature you just sent to the Targets tab. You may edit its attributes and related objects before placing it on the map.
    NOTE: Related objects are included only if your Administrator has configured this functionality. Refer to the Configuration Guide for more information.
  4. Click the map to place the feature. 
    TIP: If the selected feature has related features with spatial values, place the related features on the map before you place the selected feature on the map.To place a related feature on the map, click the pencil icon in the Targets tab Shape field, then click in the map.

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