Sessions on Enterprise

You may choose to use ArcFM or ArcFM Viewer for ArcGIS Engine on the enterprise. Most commonly, ArcFM is used. If you choose to use ArcFM Viewer, functionality is reduced (e.g., Mobile toolbar is not available).

  • Open Session Manager: View any sessions sent from the field.

  • Retrieve Sessions from Field: (optional): If your administrator has configured Geodatabase Replication to automatically send and receive sessions, this step is not necessary. Otherwise, execute the Send/Receive Mobile Data task to receive data from the field. This final task requires a network connection.

  • Open Edit Session: Select a session in Session Manager and use the Open Session button (or task) to view the session in ArcFM. If Mobile detects conflicting edits in the packet, it displays a Conflict Report. Edits made to the packet (session or design) may be viewed using the Edit Log tool.

  • Digitize Redline Graphics: This step is necessary only if the mobile packet includes redline graphics that have been placed as part of the Mobile Graphics layer (not as annotation). Place features to represent graphics placed in a redline session. The features exist within your current version and may be posted, while the graphics exist as part of the session and may not be posted.

  • Reconcile and Post: When you have finished importing Mobile features and digitizing redline graphics, you may Reconcile and Post.

Alternatively, sessions may be created on the enterprise, then sent to the field using the Send Session or Send Session to Field task. However, this workflow is uncommon.

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