Administrator Machine (Field Machines):

Create the following directories on the Administrator machine. When setup is complete, copy this directory structure (and the backdrop and Process Framework databases) to all field machines. The paths on the Administrator machine and the field machines must be EXACTLY the same.

  • ReplicationField: This is the Client Base Directory used by Geodatabase Replication to send/receive sessions and designs. It also uses this directory to maintain the backdrop database and the login database.

  • Backdrop: This directory must have the same name as the replica for your backdrop database. If you have multiple backdrop databases and replicas, then you will have multiple backdrop directories. These directories will be named for the replicas (e.g., Northwest, Southeast). Each replica will hold the initial extract database. Before copying these directories/databases to field machines, open each database in ArcMap and ensure the stored display layers are properly connected.

  • ProcessFramework: This is the directory where Engine Mobile sessions and designs are transported between the field and Enterprise. Make note of the path to this directory. In a later step, you'll create a configuration value (ProcessFrameworkField value) in the Process Framework database that points to this directory. If you do not create this directory and the configuration value, then Engine Mobile will automatically use this location instead: C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\Miner and Miner\ProcessFrameworkField. All other folders shown in this directory are created automatically during the initial send/receive. This directory must be readable and writable. This directory may hold your field Process Framework Database, but it doesn't have to. You can place this database in another location.

  • Login: A directory replica will place the login database in this location (if it's been properly configured). If you choose not to use a login database (recommended), then you will not need this directory.

Directories on the field machines require no special sharing or permissions.

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