Server (Enterprise):

Create the following directories on the server or Enterprise machine. These directories do not have to be named exactly as shown. 

  • ReplicationServer: This is the Server Base Directory used by Geodatabase Replication to send/receive sessions and designs. It also uses this directory to maintain the backdrop database and the login database.

  • InitialExtract: This directory contains all initial extract databases for all replicas. For Engine Mobile, this will be one or more backdrop replicas. You can break the backdrop into regions (e.g., Northwest, Southeast). This results in multiple backdrop databases (one for each region) and multiple backdrop replicas (one for each database).

  • ProcessFramework: This directory must be created by an administrator on the Enterprise machine and be available for all client machines to access. It provides the necessary directory structure to transport Engine Mobile sessions and designs between the field and Enterprise. Make note of the path to this directory. In a later step, you'll create a configuration value (ProcessFrameworkEnterprise value) in the Process Framework database that points to this directory. All other folders shown in this directory are created automatically during the initial send/receive. No files in the ProcessFrameworkServer directory should ever be edited manually.

  • Login: This directory stores the optional login database. Use a directory replica to distribute this database to field machines and update it in the field, should the Enterprise version change. If you choose not to use a login database (recommended), then you will not need this directory.

    TIP: Note that the login database is optional. Schneider Electric recommends adding the necessary stored display and graphic favorites to the Backdrop database to eliminate the need for a Login database.

Once you have the directory structure set up on the server (Enterprise) machine, you will need to assign permissions to the ReplicationServer and ProcessFramework directories.

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